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About Us

2022 is shaping up to be a big year! We have some new people joining our team! We also have new groups, programs, and a trauma intensive outpatient that will include a retreat once the program comes to a close. All of this and more is on it‘s way. We have a mission to help anyone who needs it regardless of pay. This idea of free mental and behavioral health care is possible, if we all work together.


In April 2022, Saltwater Therapeutic Wellness Service became accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This means we have the honor of providing trauma-informed, ethical services that are always client centered and evidence based.

Our trauma recovery treatment program has100% success rate when the patient or family is committed to the process. Recovery from trauma is very difficult. It can cause an increase in symptoms just prior to acceptance and validation. We do NOT install memories. Rather, we approach it together! You are not alone.

Meet The Team

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